Mediation/Arbitration Services

Mediation/Arbitration is usually undertaken only after the court has appointed me to do so.  In some cases it is possible to proceed without a court order by drawing up a contract between participants binding them to follow certain procedures.  For each issue raised in Mediation/Arbitration we will attempt to mediate a mutual solution.  If it turns out that participants cannot mutually agree, I will collect any additional information I need and arbitrate the final decision.  These decisions can be filed with the court and are binding unless a judge changes them.

Parenting Coordinator Services

This is a court-appointed position where I act as the arbitrator between parents who seldom or never communicate with each other directly.  I provide the communication between parents so that they can co-parent their children.  Each parent keeps me up to date on important matters and, if their views differ or their plans or proposals clash, I look for common ground.  I have the authority of the court to make decisions for them when needed which are in the best interests of their children.