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Mediation Sites is a Boulder, Colorado home-grown referral and information site - professional links, articles, etc.  is information for the City of Boulder Community Mediation Service (CMS).  This service will provide free or nearly free mediation for a variety of civil matters, such as noisy neighbors, barking dogs, landlord-tenant, parent-teen disputes.  If you are low-income, they also provide divorce and post-divorce mediation. was started in 1996 by Jim Melamed and John Helie.  According to its promotion, is the most visited conflict resolution site on the web. is the Mediation Association of Colorado.  It offers listings of mediators, information on the process of mediation, the qualifications of mediators, and other related resources. -- ACR -- is the Association for Conflict Resolution (formerly the Academy of Family Mediators -- AFM) - an international organization of mediators concerned with standards, practice and public awareness., the Hewlett Foundation Funded data base cataloging nearly all conflict resolution information.  Included is a search tool accessing a wide range of conflict resolution sites. is, according to its promotion, "a comprehensive state-by-state divorce informational network, bringing individuals contemplating or experiencing divorce in contact with information and with those professionals who provide the services they desire."

Self-Help shows legal forms and other info provided by Bradford Publishing.

Boulder County LINC provides information on Boulder County human service programs - available through public agencies and non-profit organizations.  They offer assistance to Boulder County residents in areas such as health care, housing, legal services and childcare: 

Friendly Divorce Guidebook Ordering  is the web address for ordering the Friendly Divorce Guidebook for Colorado.  This is an extremely helpful book for anyone getting a divorce, and it walks you through the court process if you are doing it yourself.

State Forms  is the State of Colorado website page containing forms for dissolution of marriage (divorce).  It is relatively user friendly.  The forms have been modified to include many do-it-yourself separation agreement forms.  You can complete many of them online or print them out, fill them in, and file them with the court.  The forms are also available for the cost of printing at County and District court offices.