Consultation, Coaching, Seminars, Workshops

Although much less frequent than working with disputants together, sometimes I work with just one party who wants consultation or coaching on how to negotiate on their own with another person or group.  I don't coach the way that personal coaches or management consultants coach.  My approach is to use my knowledge of how to facilitate conflict resolution to help an individual think through what is wanted and how best to proceed.

Since the use of metaphor is a specialty of mine, I will usually help the individual become sensitized to metaphor in everyday conversation and during negotiation, and to use simple body movement and spatial metaphors to help clarify differing points of view.

I have given numerous seminars and workshops since 2000 on the use of metaphor in mediation, and found interest in this subject to be strong.  I have revised and improved my format and materials and will be speaking and giving more workshops in the future.  If this should be of interest to you, please have a look at explanations and previews of these by clicking ACR Workshop