Thomas H. Smith, Ph.D.

1336 Northridge Court

Boulder, Colorado  80304

tel    303/444-0181



Be sure to put the word "mediation" in the subject line of email.


In Brief:

Types of Disputes:  Family disputes, interpersonal problems, couples in conflict, parent-adolescent, senior parent-adult children, legal disputes,  family business, divorce, post-divorce, children out of wedlock, grand/step parent conflicts.

Areas of Experience:  Child rearing, child development, parenting time, parenting plans, responsibilities and decision-making, young children and adolescents, custody, removal, support, health, property division, real estate, pension issues, handling anger, communication skills.

Background:  Ph.D. Psychology.  Private practice as mediator since 1991.  Six years at the University of Colorado, Boulder, doing related research.  Working with squabbling parents and families since 1987.  Advanced Practitioner Member, Association for Conflict Resolution (formerly Academy of Family Mediators).

Fees:  $130/hr mediation, $155/hr mediation-arbitration or parenting coordinator; reduced fee possible.


More Detail:

Mediation addresses the needs and interests behind a dispute and helps people find worthwhile solutions.  What people like most about mediation is that it's relatively quick, inexpensive, and keeps them in control of the decisions affecting their lives.  Tom's best work has been with people who are barely able to listen to each other at first, but who learn to find common ground and negotiate solutions that work.

"I use techniques which restore functional communications between quarreling parties so that they can work toward mutual decisions.  I build these techniques into the mediation process in such a way that participants quickly begin to use them.  As we develop a written agreement, even people who have fought for years learn how to resolve issues and clear the way for future cooperation."

"Sometimes people ask me if it's really worth it to build cooperation with someone you're severing ties with.  My answer comes from all the divorced parents I've worked with whose children are thriving.  It's how to foster healthy dialog and prepare the ground for good parenting -- the ease with which kids relate to both parents and how readily parental challenges are handled."


Researcher and counselor in a military prison, psychiatric hospital and youth services programs; conflict resolution research at the Institute of Behavioral Science; university instructor in social psychology, creative thinking and family therapy.  I migrated from psychology and business consulting into the mediation field after having been a single parent and experiencing the positive results of mediation.  Directed single parent programs as a member of the Board of Directors and as a volunteer for the Parenting Place.


Ph.D. Psychology, University of Colorado, Boulder, 1973.

Mediation Training, CDR Associates, 1991.

Practitioner Training, NLP Comprehensive, 1992.

Masters Training, DBM/NLP, Sensory Systems Training, 1998


Mediation of divorce, and post-divorce issues.

Writing and modifying Separation Agreements.

Working with attorneys to de-escalate conflict.

Teaching communications skills to support good parenting.

How to get ready for the mediation or negotiation process.

Mediation/Arbitration and acting as Parenting Coordinator.

Inter-generational dispute resolution.

Metaphor and cognitive modeling.


Advanced Practitioner member, Association for Conflict Resolution (formerly AFM).

Guidelines member, Colorado Council of Mediators and Mediation Organizations (CCMO).

Boulder Interdisciplinary Committee on Child Custody (IDC) (past member).

Team member, City of Boulder Community Mediation Service (past member).

Former board member, the Parenting Place.

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