Mediation Services

My approach to mediation has two major goals: (1) to bring about mutual decisions and agreements which are fair and which meet the needs of each participant, and (2) to prepare participants, when appropriate, for on-going cooperation after mediation is over.  The process will generally take less time and be less costly than customary legal or psychotherapeutic methods.  As a mediator I am a neutral party with special skills in assisting people to examine their situations, needs and interests and to make collaborative decisions.  My background in psychology plays an important role here.

Mediation consists of education, information exchange, thinking about issues, discussion of alternatives, expanding communication skills, and writing agreements.  It is a short-term process aimed at solving problems in the present and future.  We do not spend much time examining past history or emotions.  Instead we focus on current needs, plans, and skills.

I am not an attorney nor do I do psychotherapy or perform psychological or custody evaluations.  However my mediation works in concert with the law and sound psychological principles.  Mediation can sometimes be enhanced if you consult with a psychotherapist, attorney, financial advisor or others with special skills you may need.  Please carefully consider whether to engage such professionals and, if you do, inform them that you are in mediation.

I consider all communications in mediation, with rare exceptions, to be confidential.  I will confer with your attorneys, therapists or others working in your behalf only if you sign a release form specifically authorizing me to do so.  Colorado law prohibits mediators from being called to testify in court regarding their clients.